HSMS Partners transcends local cultural history. We translate vision into sustainable development and  development into neighborhoods.


We are committed to transforming culture and environment through creating, designing and developing hand-crafted, one of a kind retail-driven, mixed used communities that address needs of tomorrow's generation today.


We strive to enhance tenant sales relative to other projects, in all communities we touch.

We create emotional interactivity for visitors, residents and employees by conceiving walkable, human scale urban neighborhoods.

We mitigate development risk throughout the entire development process by rigorous master-planning: from initial concept to lease-up.

We deliver extraordinary financial value by creating landmark destinations that enhance frequent, repeat visits and traffic.

We utilize the technology of sustainable development.

We deploy the HSM intellectual capital and leadership artistry for tenant research, valuation, selection and placement.


Our goal through Sustainable Development is to meet the needs of the present generation without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We develop retail and commercial buildings, condominiums and town centers from the standpoint of the customer experience employing methods which utilize the technology created for sustainable building.

HSMS Partners works in close collaboration with The Trust for Sustainable Development - an inter-disciplinary group of professionals committed to envisioning, designing and building sustainable communities - towns and buildings.